Welcome to Still Waters Restoration and Resource Ministries. We are a nonprofit, nondenominational ministry with the unique plight of the Christian Minister in focus. Ours is a ministry to those who minister to others, providing resources and support at no cost for Christian ministers, Leaders and their families by:

Encouraging (Mentoring/Listening)

Mentoring is an intentional partnership to improve leadership and ministry expertise. The benefits of working with a mentor are: 

  • Easy access to an objective and confidential listener to support you in making important decisions
  • Ongoing support in adapting to changes, managing life stressors and promoting wellness
  • Encouraging a fresh look at your present vision, purpose and direction in ministry

Even the best of Ministers can occasionally face new hurdles that are difficult to solve. When these extraordinary challenges present themselves, mentoring/listening support is available to assist you in achieving resolution and success.

Enriching (Consulting/Growing)

An individualized support designed to assist Ministers and their families in identifying opportunities for enrichment and growth such as when: 

  • Leaving or entering a new ministry position
  • Managing personal, family and church conflicts
  • Considering a leave of absence from ministry due to spiritual caregiver burnout

Equipping (Training/Developing)

Support is offered to ministers and churches. A variety of training presentations in a variety of formats are available including:

  • Health and wellness
  • Ministry Stress/Burnout/Change Management
  • Ministry Team Building
  • Conflict Resolution, Dealing with difficult people
  • The Ministry of Support (A training for congregations)
  • Church Reboot (A training for congregations)
  • The Pastor’s Plight – A protection plan
  • PK and Minister’s Wives seminars
  • Worship

We promote wellness, provide Pastors with support and encouragement, and offer ongoing opportunities for renewal and restoration.