The efforts and activities of Still Waters Restoration & Resource Ministries have a dual focus. 

The first is directly upon the Christian Minister/Leader and his/her family – to offer support and resources to them in direct response to the startling statistics that define the face of the Ministry family today. Addressing the needs represented by those statistics is accomplished through something as simple as an encouraging phone call, or conversation over lunch, to more extensive efforts such as consulting, mentoring, counseling, special services, pulpit relief, Leadership seminars, workshops and conferences in both the US and overseas. When we minister to, and care for the hundreds or thousands of Pastors and Leaders, we ultimately help the hundreds of thousands of those they minister to and care for.

The second focus of our ministry is upon educating and training congregations/laity in the biblical ministry of “holding up leadership arms” and teachings that help churches “reboot” and realize their potential as each member of the body of Christ does their part. When that dynamic exists, Leaders are more likely to remain strong, encouraged and steadfast at their ministry post.

If you would like more information about how Still Waters may assist you/your ministry, or you would like to help Still Waters Restoration & Resource Ministries to offer its services cost free to churches, Ministry Leaders, and their families through prayer and/or financial support please contact us or go to our Donate page.