Comments from some we have served:

  • “I thank God because what He is doing with you is marvelous things. Thank you for allowing God to use you that mightily. I can now protect my home.” – Pastor R. N. from Nairobi, Kenya
  • “You are really a blessing to us . . . I listened and wrote down every word from your teachings. Your teachings healed all my wounds, and I believe others will be healed too.” – Pastor S. K. from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
  • “Pastor Kerry saved my life. He saved my ministry!” – Pastor M. G. from Pennsylvania
  • "If we didn't have that hour and a half (time with S.W. support team) I don't think we would still be here today." - Ministry couple from Pennsylvania
  • "I've been blessed by the ministry of Still Waters for the past few years. They have given me wise counsel and prayer support as I have faced many important decisions personally and in the ministry. They truly have a heart for the Pastor and his family. Now, being a church planter in upstate NY, I continue to seek their counsel on developing the ministry of this new church. This truly is an amazing resource that every pastor should have available to them. I thank you Still Waters for hearing the call of God and being obedient to His leading!" - Pastor T. C. from New York
  • “You touched my heart in a very personal and effective way brother. . . You were a great blessing to our pastors here in Kenya and those that came from other countries. I truly meant it when I called you ‘Pastor of Pastors.’ You truly are and have a heart to encourage and help pastors with their families and ministries/churches.” – Bishop R. K. from Nairobi, Kenya  
  • "I thank the Lord, for the advice and help of Still Waters when I was struggling with a pastoral counseling client. The advice, help, and direction that John gave was a tremendous help and eye opener. It is because of the heart of Still Waters and it's leadership team that I was personally able to help not only one person, but will be able to be a better pastoral counselor in the future. Thank you for the invaluable help!" - Rev. C. B. - Exec. Ministry Director from PA
  • “I thank you so much for the program you are carrying out here in Kenya and the world at large. Indeed I was touched with the teachings you gave us in Nairobi Kenya. God is good and I pray that you extend the same teachings to other parts of the world, especially all over Africa.” – Pastor D. from Bungoma, Kenya