Impact Pastors Initiative

Touching Millions by Helping Thousands!

Beginning in 2017 and continuing for the following four years, our “Impact Pastors Initiative” is a five year sustainability and expansion project that will financially enable Still Waters Restoration & Resource Ministries to not only continue its current operations and cost-free support services during its early years, but will also realize the potential hiring of 1 or 2 new support staff needed to respond to the growing number of needs and requests for the Ministry’s services, as well as increase the scope of its present activities. Presently the Ministry does not compensate any of the Board of Directors and has no paid support staff. The present needs, growing requests for support services, and the scope of future expansion of our efforts will likely require hiring paid support staff.

The “Impact Pastors Initiative” project will also realize the Ministry’s expansion plans for the establishment of "Still Waters Restoration Center" a much needed regional Ministry Center which will service the wellness, resource, counseling, and retreat needs of Ministry families throughout the northeast corridor of the United States and beyond. Centrally located in Pennsylvania, it will be within convenient driving distance for a client base of clergy, religious workers and their families conservatively estimated at over 50,000 people. As well, the Restoration Center will serve as a training/seminar/conference site; as well as provide for the Ministry’s office needs.

If you would like to help us realize the goals of our Impact Pastors Initiative through a financial gift, please feel free to contact us or go to our Donation page before leaving our website today.