• we Are Here to Support You

    All of us at Still Waters Restoration & Resource Ministries are passionate about, yet extremely humbled by the ministry vision and purpose God has asked us to walk in. We are not people offering all of the answers, but people who can compassionately relate to those who are navigating the path we have also trodden.

    We are all here because “we have been there.” We are ordinary, rank and file servants of Christ, who are as likely to listen to, relate to, minister to and support others by drawing from our life and ministry failures as much as we might do so by drawing from any “successes” we have known. We simply love Ministers and ministry families!

  • Rev. Kerry & Lily Bingaman,

    Kerry & Lily Bingaman have been serving the Body of Christ in a variety of settings since 1987. Kerry has a BA in Bible/Pastoral Studies and has served as a Youth and Children’s pastor, Senior Pastor and Evangelist. Lily has a Master’s degree in Education and has served as a teacher and administrator in both ministry and secular settings.

    Feel free to e-mail Kerry directly at or Lily at:

  • John and Michele Sloyer
    Vice President/Co-Founder

    John & Michele Sloyer have been serving the Lord together since 1979. John is a licensed psychologist for over 30 years, and is a pastor’s son. Michele has a calling to worship and prayer ministry.

    You can contact John and Michele at

  • REv. Rich & Faith Earl,

    NCD Specialist/Leadership Coach

    Rich & Faith Earl have been serving the Lord together since 1983 in pastoral ministry. Rich is a certified coach and Natural Church Development facilitator. Rich has a BA in Journalism and is the author of Shepherds Balm, a devotional tool for pastors. Faith is an Art Therapist and teacher with a Master’s degree in Education.